TecnoShift is a part of TecnoShift Group – a leading Trading, Consultancy and Technology Group having its concerns in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and North Americas. After its formation, TecnoShift Consulting is trying to become one of the fastest growing Consulting, Training, Businesses in the region, offering clients an array of related services.

Being a proudly Pakistani company we want to play a fundamental role in advancing business solutions across our land and beyond its borders.

TecnoShift is an acronym for Tecno [Technology] & Shift [Shifting]

Our approach is to offer the right system with the best ever customer services, after sales service and long term relation. This may sound simple but it is not. With thousands of products available, selecting the right one is an art. From universities to the banks and Government Departments to Multinational companies, we have the experience to ensure your installation will be implemented with the minimal of disruption, giving you peace of mind with a job well done and money well spent.

Our Leadership:

Khizer Inayat | Founder and CEO




Khizer Interview at Qasim Ali Shah Foundation:

LinkedIn Training at Arfa Technology Park - Lahore

Launched PAF AFPHS Club