Dow you want to grow your Business?

Khizer Inayat – Chief Innovation Consultant / TecnoShift

If you are a chain of a retailer, online business, FMCG or a worried CEO surrounded by Issues and Challenges with Sales Improvements, Training, Sales Pipelines, Marketing, and Branding – then let us help you in all these areas.
– Trained by “Dr. Philip Kotler” – The Marketing guru of the world. Highly skilled in Managing and Nurturing Client Relations by utilizing Inter-Personal and communication Skills.
– Ability to bring a fresh, dynamic and go-getting approach to achieve the “results”. Track record of introducing innovation and creativity at the workplace. Exceptionally Pro-Active, Out-of-box thinker and a dedicated professional that sees opportunities in hurdles. Exposure to the growing Middle East Enterprise/ Retail/ Online Markets with added advantage of Arabic Language capabilities. Equipped with a strong portfolio of successes contributing to the profitability and success of the company.
– Specialities: Client Service Management, Branch/ Country Management.

Contact: +923321144362